About The Test

The Devotion Test is still in the prototype development stages.

Basic Technology:

This is a lateral flow assay test, similar to a pregnancy test. But instead of testing for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). We test for the biochemical effect of love and commitment. Since the test is still patent pending, we are limited to what we can disclose presently.

However, we can tell you that research out of University College London, Loyola University, University of Pisa in Italy, and several US Universities including Harvard, have found that love has a unique neurological and biochemical effect of people. This effect is different for men than for women. Our current technology only works on heterosexual men. We will continue our research in hopes of expanding our product line to include females and non-heterosexual relationships.

What people are saying….

Dr. Terri Orbuch (PhD) research professor at University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research states, “research finds that love definitely has a physiological and biochemical effect on the body. This innovative saliva test will be ground-breaking, because it will measure that effect and allow women to verify whether the man they love is indeed committed to the relationship.”

Our Potential Prototype Model

Devotion test tests a man’s saliva to determine is biomarkers of love and commitment are present or not. When present the test will indicate this. Therefore, the test can determine is a man is in love and committed, or STILL is in love and committed.

It’s the perfect way to show her that she’s still the one.